Everything You Need To Know About Maderotherapy A.K.A. Wood Therapy

Maderotherapy, also known as wood therapy, is a treatment that uses pieces of wood to massage the body. The therapist will use different strokes and pressure to target specific areas, depending on the client’s needs.

Maderotherapy has several benefits, including cellulite reduction, pain management, stiffness, relaxation, weight loss, chronic pain, lymphatic drainage, and inch loss.

If you are looking for a new treatment to try, maderotherapy is a great option! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this unique therapy.

How Maderotherapy Works?

maderotherapy or wooden therapy
Maderotherapy uses different wooden instruments to manipulate the skin, tissue, and muscles. The tools used vary from rollers, spheres, and sculpting tools that select the specific areas to work on. The therapist can adjust the pressure used to suit each client’s needs. The wooden instruments are used to massage, drain, and sculpt specific areas of the body. The technique can also improve circulation and improve the appearance of cellulite.

Benefits of Maderotherapy:

1. Pain Relief and Stiffness: Maderotherapy can help alleviate tension, soreness, and stiffness by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation. It can also improve joint flexibility and mobility.

2. Cellulite Reduction: It can help increase lymphatic drainage, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

3. Relaxation: Maderotherapy is a relaxing and soothing treatment that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and tension.

4. Weight Loss: It can help break up stubborn fat and stimulate the metabolism, which can aid in weight loss.

5. Inch Loss: Maderotherapy can also help contour the body and reduce inches.

6. Lymphatic Drainage: Maderotherapy helps improve lymphatic drainage, which can help reduce inflammation and improve the immune system. Conclusion Maderotherapy is a unique and effective therapy that offers a range of benefits. It can help reduce pain, stiffness, cellulite, and stress while promoting relaxation, weight loss, and inch loss.

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