Dermal fillers, the tool to impart facial contouring for complete and long lasting make over

Dermal fillers are the prime choice of Dermats, when it comes to restoring lost volume, smoothen lines and soften creases or enhance facial contours for achieving 360 degree augmentation

dermal filler

Liposuction Treatment

Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction is a relatively new, minimally invasive procedure which uses thermal energy to promote skin tightening and remove unwanted fat. This is a impeccable treatment for those who are looking for exceptional results without the concerns associated with invasive surgical procedures.

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Facial Contouring

According to the skin concern, fillers with following compositions are chosen to plump up, to add youthful hydrated suppleness and to complement the effects of skin treatment to fill hollowness.

Hyaluronic Acid helps to keep skin smooth and plump. It plays a critical role to rapidly repair and heal tissue.

Elastin helps to keep the skin flexible but tight Collagen forms the main structural component of the lower layer of the skin.

Dermal Fillers, The Tool To Impart Facial Contouring

During the ageing process, the face outline changes from a triangle to a trapezoid or rectangle. This is due to the sagging skin and downward descent. With age, muscle atrophy causes hollowness at cheek and temples. Fillers with the right consistency fills up folds, lines and wrinkles, lifting and imparting a sculpted and crafted effect for cutomized facial augmentation needs. 

dermal fillers

End Result

Restoring lost volume, contouring and sculpting the face, hydrating and plumping for supple skin – Derma fillers is the top choice for lifting up the facial skin.

Areas to be treated - The most sacred and safe choice of Dermatologists, Fillers can be used on forehead, shin, cheeks, drooping eyelids, neck and more.

Benefits - Gives an instant uplifted look, fuller finish and defined silhouette, Fillers smooth fine line and wrinkles to give you a younger look and enhance facial contours. Reshapes any/or all bumps of nose, plumps the lips, with no side effects and rapid healing.