VLCC Luxe MG Road

A legacy of three decades of holistic wellness is now transforming into an unparalleled amalgamation of eminent experts & global technology backed by science in the lap of luxury.

We’re setting in motion the biggest revolution in luxurious scientific wellness with VLCC Luxe.

We often ask ourselves, if beauty & wellness is empowering, then why does the world have so many roadblocks to attain it? Well, we just erased each one of them.

Continuing Mrs. Vandana Luthra’s extensive legacy at VLCC, VLCC Luxe promises to provide luxury wellness & beauty services with the aid of new-age technology. Every experience at VLCC Luxe is perfected to suit the sensibility of those who seek wellness with a scientific approach, revolutionary technology & utter comfort at the core. With the seal of the Indian Medical Association, the services are tailored to bridge the gap between desire and outcome, in the safest manner.

While our centre transforms the cosmetic solutions into cosmetic experiences, our in-house experts, doctors, therapists are committed to providing customized, effective and transformative treatments that will shape your world for the better.

After years of research & development, we have finally found the perfect blend of science, technology, and holistic well-being. Driven by quality and safety, our goal is to make sure than nobody is deprived of feeling and looking their best.

With VLCC’s rich legacy in place, at VLCC Luxe we have taken the onus to deliver the best of technology, experts and luxury and create an environment that fosters beauty & wellbeing backed by science.

We are set to become the drivers of transformation and empower every individual who seeks it.

Experience the magic of sheer luxury & the science of premium technology wrapped together at VLCC Luxe being true to our motto of transforming lives.